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NOTE: Newsletters within the past few years are only available for members to view.  Older newsletters are linked to here as a sample of what our newsletters are about.  Click on each link to view that month's newsletter.  Recent newsletters show the topic here, but there is no link to get to the newsletter.  Once you join our group (see our About Us page), you will receive instructions on how to view recent newsletters.

Newsletters from Feb 2000 onward are in pdf format.  To view the document you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer.  If you don't, click here to download Acrobat Reader (it's free!) from Adobe's website.

Subjects of newsletters are newer than April 2004 are only available to members.  

    Apr 2004 - Announcement of web publishing program this month; 100 years ago.
    Mar 2004 - Finding general training for Windows/Internet; windows in Windows; File Options; File Types; Viruses; Cookies.
    Feb 2004 - Covers topics for Feb (hidden genealogy program features) and March (windows/internet topics) programs.
    Jan 2004 - Retouching photos and picture file formats; obituaries.
    Dec 2003 - Overview of scanners, and buying a computer which will support scanning pictures.
    Nov 2003 - Features of RootsMagic; Epidemics in history; Publishing your family history.
    Oct 2003 - Future meeting topics - Marvin, Sources, RootsMagic; URL for Galileo site (mentioned in September meeting).
    June to September 2003 - no newsletter
    May 2003 - Marvin's column on email, viruses, and spam.
    April 2003 - Email attachments; printing bookmarks in Netscape; today's prayer; Rally for America Speech.
    March 2003 - Internet topics - home networking; bookmarks and favorites.
    February 2003 - Stories received via email.
    January 2003 - Creating your own genealogy databases.
    December 2002 - Roswell SeniorNet computer courses.
    November 2002 - Working with Windows shortcuts.
    October 2002 - no newsletter this month.
    September 2002 - German anc. topic;  PAF 5.2.18;  update on Larry;  a Eulogy;  future programs.
    August 2002 - Windows topics and utilities
    July 2002 - Backing up your data
    June 2002 - (not a true newsletter, but simply Don's email on program and blurb from Glen about backups.)
    May 2002 - Program topics; updates on Bill Reace, Larry Maurer, and Linn Hendershot.
    April 2002 - Evidence & DAR; future meetings; Bill Reace; Betcha didn't know; True Southerners; History lesson.
    March 2002 - monthly meeting; fav. epitaph; Web sites; How old is grandpa?; Volunteered?; RAOGK.
    February 2002 - Library additions and request; rule of 8870; 7 Wonders of world; AAADD; dues reduced.
    Jan 2002 - no newsletter
    Dec 2001 - no newsletter
    November 2001 - Family Tree Super Tools.
    October 2001 - New approach to programs; Civil war questionnaire.
    September 2001 - no newsletter.
    August 2001 - Imaging; Organizing your data; Getting most for your information $; Your obituary; West Europe Records Index.
    July 2001 - Legacy Family Tree.
    June 2001 - Clooz; Marvin's virus tips; 1880 census on CDs; humor (weather).
    May 2001 - Roswell FHC; They came in ships; Legacy; Ellis Island; 50 years from now; Do we need to exist; Internet portals.
    April 2001 - Legacy; Golden telephone; 50 years from now; Do we need to exist; English spelling.
    March 2001 (no newsletter)
    February 2001 - The Other Trail of Tears; How to be a Smarter Software User.
    January 2001 - Genealogy in the 21st Century.
    December 2000 - Christmas Songs; My Christmas Gift; Genealogist's Christmas Eve.
    November 2000 - Understanding the Internet (8 pages).
    October 2000 - 100 yrs ago; Marvin's tips -
       (computer goes to sleep; accesses Drive A; startup disk; Startup programs MSCONFIG).
    September 2000 - Dr Seuss' Computer Manual; Marvin's tips - Printers.
    August 2000 - Amer. Legion Story; Have you ever wondered?;
      Windows 95/98 tips (6 pages);
      Marvin's tips - Win 2000; Ofc 2000; WP Mill; Free internet; HW choices; virus defs.
    July 2000 - Tribute to US from a Canadian; old Disease Terms.
    June 2000 - Genealogists are from Mars, Fam Historians are from Venus;
      Marvin's tips - (leaving computer on; screen savers; slow computer; CPU idle);
      UFT has died, and TMG 5.0 is coming.
    May 2000 - Geneal. Research Rev'n; Marvin's tips (; useful reminders);
      GCSGA survey results; "Obituary Daily Times"; English language hard to learn.
    April 2000 - Tips to maintain your privacy; Marvin's tips (downloading large files; Mailstart;
        Dialpad); & 1890 census; population diversity.
    March 2000 - (sorry, the March newsletter has been misplaced.)
    February 2000 - Rule of 8870 to compute birthdates; "Super Granny Defender of Justice";
       "The Real 7 Wonders of the World"; "AAADD";

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