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Dedicated to fostering the merger of genealogical research and computer technology.


Meeting Information

We meet the 2nd Saturday of each month in Roswell (just north of Atlanta), GA, from 9:30am to noon. Click here for info about us, including a general description of our group, a list of our meeting topics for the past several years, and directions to our meeting location.  Our meeting topics are a good demonstration of what our group is about.

Our meeting time is 9:30am. The only exception is June, which will begin at 9:00am.

Following are a list of our meeting dates and topics (subject to change as needed) for 2018.

13-Jan-18History & Objectives of SAR and a discussion on two Revolutionary Patriots -
  Paul Revere & Dr.Joseph Warren
Bob Sapp - member
10-Feb-18 More on the German TransientsKen Craft - member
10-Mar-18Following the Neighborhood
What Do You Know About St. Patrick?
 Terry Manning - "GSG"
 Bob Volz
14-Apr-18Newspapers - A Treasure Trove of InformationTamika Strong, Librarian and Genealogist, Georgia Archives
12-May-18"Find A Grave" what everyone should know!Carol Tapp - member
9-Jun-18Fifth Annual Roots Tech - 9a.m. - 1 p.m.Roswell LDS Presents Roots Tech 2018 -
Linda Laing & team pick best from 2018 presenters
14-Jul-18An Orphan Train Desendant's Story of her Search for her Father's
   (The Orphan) Family History
Martha England
11-Aug-18My Personal Research on "English Ancestors"Simon Dodge - member
8-Sep-18Another surprise presentation on electronics relating to our Genealogical workMarvin Tedjamulia - member
13-Oct-18Show 1-2 Blain Bettinger Webinars on DNA+ Discussions on Uses of DNA Tests for your GenealogyBob Volz Director/Program Coordinator
10-Nov-18Historical Maps and Genealogy: HELP YOU FIND YOUR WAY  +
Put Some Meat on Them Bones! Telling the Stories of Your ancestors
Rosemary Cantrell
8-Dec-18Carol discusses her trip to the Germany Roth Family Farm.
Annual Christmas Party
Carol Julian (GCS member)
Covered dish by all

Hopefully this won't scare off visitors - we are a rough looking bunch of hooligans!!!


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About us  Includes directions to our monthly meetings, and a listing of meeting topics back to 2000.

Genealogy Software

 A description of each program, with a link to its web site. 
Links to Genealogy and
 Not exactly Cyndi's List, but a couple hundred links to give you some ideas on most genealogy subjects.
Getting Started  "I'm just getting started with my family history, or with my Georgia research.  How do I trace the history of my Georgia ancestor?"  Check out this link!
Learn the Net  "I've been doing genealogy awhile,  but this is the first time I have been on the Internet.  Help!"  - Check out this website!
Civil War Sites  Links to civil war sites, from a presentation in 2012 by Bob Davis.
Libraries - docx
Libraries - pdf
 Libraries: Gold Mines for Family Historians, by Erica Rohlfs, M. S. - presented at the April 2011 meeting.
Newspaper Search Links  David Moriarty's Powerpoint presentation, discussed in Feb 2011 meeting.
Find a book  Find a book to add life to your family history!  - a Powerpoint presentation by Dave Moriarty given at the April 2010 meeting.
GA Genealogy Libraries
(pdf file)
 Discussed in September 2003 meeting:  A list of Libraries in GA with Genealogy collections.  This list provides an index into a series of articles in the GGS Quarterly which discusses each of these libraries in detail.  (We do not have the actual articles; see the GGS, link provided in the list, for that.)  Thanks to Jane Splawn and Ann Sherman for the list and the articles.
Put your family tree 
 Done in Aug 2003 for the Clarke-Oconee Genealogical Society.

Older Newsletters

 View our older monthly newsletters online.
 Note: Our more recent newsletters are only available to our members.
Windows Tips
 For novice Windows users - if you want to learn more about Windows, try this tutorial from Glen Engels' presentation at one of our meetings.  (More extensive Windows tips can be found in our Newsletters.)
20 Ways to Avoid Grief in
your Genealogical Research
 an article sent to me by Don Thompson
Our Members' Surnames
 Compare your Surname!
 Internet - ppt (19 MB)
 Internet - pdf (48 MB)
 "Internet In & Outs" - Marvins Talk at the October 2012 meeting
  (Note: These links go to files on Dropbox.com)
Writing a Family History book
ppt Version
pdf Version
presentation by Bob Volz, July 2015.
 Google for genealogy  Google links useful for genealogy - Carol Tapp's handout from Sept 2015 presentation
  Sept_2016.zip   2 handouts from Terry Manning's Sept 2016 presentation:
    Turn Folders Into Family Histories; Fictitious Lineage on Ancestry
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