June 2002 - no real newsletter.  Following is Don's email:

The Computer genealogy Society will meet this Saturday At the Roswell Family History Society at 9:00AM.
Since I just returned yesterday from a business trip and have not taken the time to edit a newsletter, I will try to put the pertinent information in this e-mail.

Glen sent an e-mail last night with the following message:
               "I will have more to say about backing up your data in July, either in the newsletter or the program (or both).  But for now, I highly recommend that everyone who takes the Atlanta newspaper read the "Technobuddy" column from Sunday, June 2.  It's in the Personal Tech section - page F1, bottom of page.  It discusses one simple but effective way to backup your data."
Our subject this week will be "BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS"
All of us a have collected a library of books. Not all, but many of them have been helpful in our genealogy research, use of computers, or surfing the Internet. We are asking each member to bring some books that are used regularly for reference. You are bringing these to tell others how they have helped you. You are not bringing them to loan to other people. Please don't ask. Make sure your name is in each book and know the number of books you are bringing so you have all of them when you leave. We hope to have a large table to display these books after they have been introduced and explained. This will give each participant an opportunity to examine any books of interest.
In addition Jane Splawn will facilitate a discussion about libraries. She and Ann Sherman have visited and evaluated many Georgia libraries, which she will talk about. We also want to hear about other libraries that you have visited, and your evaluation of that library.
It promises to be an interesting and educational program so plan on joining us and participating.